NEW Naish Pivot S27


NEW Naish Pivot S27

The Pivot is an incredible all-around kite with great performance no matter the conditions.

If you want a kite that does everything anywhere or anytime, the Pivot is the kite for you.

This kite is famous for its incredible jumping ability, wave riding performance, responsiveness, and tight, pivoting turns.

The Pivot has a wide wind range and predictable power generation for easy riding and consistent boosts.

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“You know that feeling you get when you connect with an old friend and everything clicks into place and you start right where you left off—that’s our experience with this year’s Pivot, except with an extra dose of adrenalin and blistering big air sends.” – The Kiteboarder

A perfect alliance between design and quality, the Pivot provides just the right balance of performance and versatility. Two-time King of the Air Champion and 2021 Big Air Kite League winner, the Pivot continues to lead the charge in freeride, surf, foil, and big air disciplines. The Quad-Tex ripstop material is durable, delivering a lighter and more responsive kite. For additional reinforcement, we’ve added Dacron on the wingtips with a double ripstop design on the trailing edge. For those in search of an extra boost of adrenaline, the Pivot is the perfect kite.

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