Learn to kitesurf with our friendly, qualified and experienced instructors. Lessons and progression courses for all levels beginner to advanced are available with our learning programs tailored to individual skills and abilities.


Learn to kitesurf with our friendly, qualified and experienced instructors. Lessons and progression courses for all levels beginner to advanced.

taste of kitesurfing

$240 per person (duration 2 hours)

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Feed your appetite! A taste of kitesurfing will teach you the fundamentals of kitesurfing.

  • Learn about the wind
  • Learn to pilot a trainer kite
  • Learn water safety and setup
  • Learn to fly and relaunch a LEI kite

Learn valuable information about the wind and weather conditions required for kitesurfing and master the necessary flying exercises, techniques and safety practices of 2 line foil kites, an essential requirement to help you on your quest to become a kitesurfer. Once you have developed a solid kitesurfing foundation, you will then proceed to learn about the setup and safety of 4 line, leading edge inflatable (LEI) kites. The fun will then continue into the water where you will learn how to safely control and relaunch the kite.

your ticket to ride

$720 per person (3 lessons x 2 hours)

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All aboard! Your Ticket To Ride will have you understanding why we live and breathe kitesurfing.

  • Learn various body drag techniques
  • Learn to self rescue
  • Learn board control techniques
  • Learn water start techniques
  • Learn board riding skills 

Includes the TASTE OF KITESURFING package. You have mastered kite flying control, you will now learn how to harness the wind and begin your first body drags through the water, completing various body drag exercises. Learning this allows you to become confident with controlling a LEI kite and all safety aspects of kitesurfing. 

You are feeling confident with body drag exercises, it’s now time to learn how to trim your kite to the wind conditions and practise a self rescue. The self rescue teaches you the correct way to get out of danger if ever required. 

The next step on your exciting journey of becoming a kitesurfer involves the board. You will learn how to handle the board, correctly position your body in the water with the board and begin your first water starts and your first attempts at board riding. Let the kitesurfing addiction begin!

zero to hero

$1200 per person (5 lessons x 2 hours)

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Get addicted! Zero To Hero is the ultimate kitesurfing program that will have you kiting for life.

  • Introduction to kitesurfing, flying techniques, safety and setup of 2 line foil kites and 4 line LEI kites.
  • Upwind, crosswind and downwind body dragging techniques, landing and launching, kite trimming and deep water rescue.
  • Board and body position, board recovery, water start techniques and your first attempts at board riding.
  • Board riding, stance correction, upwind riding
  • Self landing and launching, advanced kite tuning methods, riding transition techniques and beyond.

As the Zero To Hero package is tailored to individual skills and abilities, we are unable to determine each lessons progression. All instructors of The Kite Bus progress students when proficient. We will have you reaching your kitesurfing goals as soon as possible. 

refresh your kitesurfing

$240 per person (duration 2 hours)

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Had a break from kitesurfing? Refresh your previously learnt kitesurfing skills.

  • Refresh self rescue
  • Refresh landing and launching techniques
  • Refresh right of way rules and regulations
  • Refresh riding and transitions

After you have completed the kitesurfing refresher course, you can happily chase wind and waves with confidence!


learn with a friend

$540 per person (duration 6 hours)

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Keen on learning but don’t want to be alone? Or maybe you feel a little unsure of kitesurfing and just want to have a fun experience. Why not sign up with a friend? You can laugh, encourage each other and learn together.

advanced coaching

$240 per person (duration 2 hour)

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Want to learn a few tricks? Try a jump and touch the sky? Or maybe you are stuck and are struggling to progress. Advanced coaching might be just what you have been looking for. The sky is the limit!

  • Riding techniques (upwind, transitions, edge control, toeside and riding blind)
  • Self landing and launching safe practices
  • Jumping techniques (boosting, grabs, loading and popping)
  • Hooked tricks (back and front rotations, dark slides, hand plant and hand drag)
  • Kite loops (down loops, kite loops and mega loops)
  • Unhooking (raleys, backrolls and s-bends)
  • Strapless (wave riding, cutbacks, gybing, tacking and aerials)

Choose your kitesurfing path! Our instructors can help you achieve your kitesurfing goals and ambitions.



Kitesurf equipment hire $180 for 2 hours

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Keen to get out on the water but haven’t got any gear? Not to worry The Kite Bus can sort you out! We have everything you need to get your kitesurfing fix.